COVID we're in this together!

I am committed to helping keep you and your family safe during these trying times. will be updated regularly based on the guidelines laid out by Public Health.

NOTE: At this time FoodZen is committed to serving all persons in our community. Our full list of services is available.

Consultations and menu approvals will be conducted via phone, email or video calls.

Before entering your home, I will be reviewing the COVID checklist laid out by Public Health and will require you to do the same. If either myself or someone in your household is unwell, we will need to reschedule or cancel your service.

When in your home, I will be wearing a clean uniform that has not been exposed to another client's house, and a face mask at all times. I will be sanitizing and routinely washing my hands. All surfaces including fridge handles, door handles, countertops, and any other surfaces used will be sanitized before being used and before leaving.